Learn French - Apprendre le francais - Französisch lernen - Aprender francès - フランス語コース- 在法国学法语 Изучите французский язык - تعلم الفرنسية- Aprender francês - Imparare il francese 프랑스어를 배워야 - Frans leren

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French Language and Culture for Francophiles


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Authenticity, Gastronomy, Château

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  • Professional french Wide range of activities: historical spots, French wines, concerts, art galleries, fishing, walking or cycling for nature lovers, farming, real- estate…

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The language of culture
French is the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. A knowledge of French offers access to great works of literature, as well as films and songs, in the original French.

The language of love and reason
First and foremost, learning French is the pleasure of learning a beautiful, rich, melodious language, often called the language of love. French is also an analytical language that structures thought and develops critical thinking, which is a valuable skill for discussions and negotiations.