Learn French - Apprendre le francais - Französisch lernen - Aprender francès - フランス語コース- 在法国学法语 Изучите французский язык - تعلم الفرنسية- Aprender francês - Imparare il francese 프랑스어를 배워야 - Frans leren

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French Lessons for Teens, Kids and Families


Le Cours de Français.com, possibility to combine:

  • Professional french French courses for children and parents together (Family courses)
  • Professional french French courses  for children only
  • Professional french French courses for parents only
  • Professional french Individual French courses

Specific French lessons relevant to children

  • Professional french Playful activities
  • Professional french Interactions with other French children and adults

The French countryside as a fantastic learning ground

  • Professional french A healthy environment
  • Professional french Countless activities and cultural experiences


To test Le Cours de Français, just come for a week-end with your kids !

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Why teaching children French?

Professional french Children learn new languages faster than adults do and individual who learn French as children have higher proficiency as adults.
Professional french Children who are proficient in French are more competitive in college and in the job market.
Professional french Learning a second language benefits children as they develop intellectually and expand their horizons by discovering a new culture.
Professional french Learning French for learning other languages, especially Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) as well as English, since fifty per cent of current English vocabulary is derived from French.